chapter 6: REVIEW

take the challenge!
So how green are you? Take the Go Green Challenge and find out! Put a check next to all the steps you’ve taken to be green. Give yourself one point for every checkmark, then read on to see your green level!

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( ) I use natural materials (like wood and organic cotton).

( ) I turn off lights in rooms I’m not using.

( ) I use the CO2 screen saver on my computer.

( ) I use power strips on my TV, computer, and electronics.

( ) I use voicemail instead of an answering machine.

( ) I use a clothesline instead of a dryer.

( ) I use fluorescent light bulbs.

( ) I use a laptop instead of desktop computer.

( ) I use a microwave rather than the oven.

( ) I have energy efficient appliances.

( ) I dress appropriately instead of blasting heat or AC.

( ) I have a properly insulated house.

( ) I have solar pannels installed on my house.

( ) I check furnace filters monthly.

( ) I have low-emissivity windows.

( ) I drink tap water instead of bottled.

( ) I use a reusable water bottle instead of disposable plastic ones.

( ) I use the dishwasher – washing only full loads.

( ) I use cold water when doing laundry.

( ) I buy laundry detergent in concentration.

( ) I use a water-saving, energy efficient showerhead.

( ) I take shorter showers – at most 10 minutes long.

( ) I turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving.

( ) I have low-flushing toilets.

( ) I regularly check for, and fix, drips and leaks.

( ) I bring my own containers for leftovers when eating out.

( ) I use glass and porcelain containers instead of plastic or Styrofoam.

( ) I se recycled and/or reusable shopping bags for supermarkets.

( ) I recycle gift-wrapping paper and gift bags.

( ) I choose #1 or 2 plastic over other non-recyclable plastics.

( ) I use homemade or non-toxic cleaning products.

( ) I use washable cloth napkins.

( ) I print on both sides of the paper.

( ) I use recycled paper.

( ) I use only practical promotional items.

( ) I use refillable pens and mechanical pencils.

( ) I use cotton towels.

( ) I pay bills online and use paperless statements

( ) I drive a hybrid or smaller, fuel-efficient car.

( ) I regularly check tire pressure.

( ) I use the recommended grade of motor oil.

( ) I turn off the engine when waiting for longer periods of time.

( ) I turn off the AC in the car and roll down the windows instead.

( ) I carpool whenever possible.

( ) I plan shopping trips and combine smaller errands into one large trip.

( ) I reuse plastic and glass containers.

( ) I buy coffee or tea in a reusable mug.

( ) I reuse boxes for shipped items.

( ) I reuse cleaning bottles.

( ) I make compost from kitchen and other scraps.

( ) I recycle paper and #1 and 2 plastics.

( ) I recycle grocery bags.

( ) I recycle clothing and other items.

( ) I recycle cell phones and other electronics.

( ) I recycle CDs and DVDs.

( ) I recycle my old sneakers.

( ) I recycle batteries.

( ) I recycle old prescription eyeglasses.

( ) I recycle plastic bottle caps.

( ) I participate in municipal or district clean-ups.

( ) I buy local produce.

( ) I buy real Christmas trees instead of fake, plastic ones.

( ) I buy biodegradable garbage bags.

( ) I buy loose, unwrapped candy from bulk instead of pre-packaged.

( ) I buy reused books.


Aware (0-15 pts)
Awareness is the first step to making a difference. But that’s just the first step! Next, it’s time to take action. Take a look at the list again, and try to find ways you can change your lifestyle to help preserve the planet. It’s easier than it seems, so get started now!

Involved (15-30 pts)
You’ve taken measures to making your life greener, which is great! However, there are still ways to further improve your greenness. Most of the tips in this book are simple and easy to follow if you are willing to change a few habits. So go back and look at the things you don’t do, and pick a few to implement into your life.

Active (30-45 pts)
You’re an actively green person! It’s clear you’re committed to making a difference, and have made changes to your life. Remember though that you can always improve. Look over the list again, and see if there are any more ways you can go green. Every little thing counts, so continue to make a difference!

Green Machine (45-65 pts)
Wow! You are a true example of how to live a green life. Be proud of yourself for making a commitment to improving the world you live in. Now, keep up the excellent work, and encourage others to follow your example!


Did you score more than 45 points? If you did, you are a Green Machine! You are eligible for the
Go Green Certificate! Click here to receive your certificate,
and (with your permission) be listed on the Green Machine list!