chapter 4: REBUY

The next step to going green is REBUY. Rebuying means rethinking your purchasing habits, and looking for products that meet your needs but are better for the environment than your current product purchases.

Buy unbleached, recycled paper. This includes printer paper, notebook paper, wrapping paper, envelopes, cards, paper towels, and bathroom tissues.

Buy local. If possible, buy local vegetables, organic milk, and other products and prefer fresh food to processed foods. When buying vegetables, buy in loose weight and gather all the vegetables in your shopping cart instead of taking a separate plastic bag for each type, and dedicate one reusable bag for the vegetables that can washed when you get home.

Buy real Christmas trees instead of plastic ones. Most tree farms will plant another tree for every tree they sell.

Buy biodegradable garbage bags.

Buy loose, unwrapped candy from bulk instead of pre-packaged.

Buy reused books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and refurbished electronic equipment.


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