introduction: WELCOME!

The Go Green Challenge was created as part of my Girl Scout Gold Award. I started my project two years ago when “going green” was first beginning to gain relevance with the public. As my project progressed, I saw the media begin to use the phrase “go green” and promote awareness for environmental concern. Now, caring for our planet has become an important issue for everyone throughout the country - and what better time to introduce my project.


The Go Green Challenge is comprised of a guide and a certificate program. The Go Green Guide explains the three steps to going green - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - and gives examples of changes you can make to your lifestyle which will have a tremendously positive effect on the environment. After reading the guide, an individual, family, troop, or any other organization can take the challenge, which is a simple checklist of actions to improve the health of our planet. The response to this list affects the level of certification a group receives - ranging from Aware to Active to Green Machine.


Please take the time to read the Go Green Guide, then take the Challenge and go for the Certificate! We all have an obligation to ourselves and our communities to take care of the world we live in - both for ourselves and for the future. I commend you for your green involement!

Thank you so much for your interest, and please continue to live a green life!
~~ Maj Kristina Kristensen
Ambassador Girl Scout, Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore


Download the Guide by clicking here. To properly print the guide, you will need legal sized paper.
Make sure your print settings are set to landscape and printing on both sides (binding on short end).

Click here to see who took the challenge and have received the Go Green Certificate.